Why Study with us?

Since we began our operation in 2007, I have trained hundreds of Massage Therapists in their chosen Natural Health Fields. This year, 2018, we are celebrating our 11th year of operation (2007-2018).

Every year since we began we have increased our student’s intake. 
Currently we have around 300 students who have successfully completed their studies with us.
We have over ten different Holistic Therapies. Our successful candidates are awarded with a beautiful MQA Approved Certificate which entitles them to work as therapists in the areas of specialization which they have studied with us.

There are no fixed enrolment dates and no time limits imposed for the completion of any of our courses. You simply study at your own pace. Once you have enrolled with us you are in full control of your own study schedule. Years of experience has proved that this flexible approach enables our students to produce their best work, FREE from the pressures of working to deadlines. These courses will not expire and you may take extended breaks from your studies if the need arises.

Why Studying with the HOLISTIC MASSAGE TRAINING SCHOOL is right for you!

Study around your ‘busy lifestyle’, many of our students work full time, and have demanding family commitments. So we give you the opportunity to choose your time.
-Studying with us means that you are able to fit your studies into your busy schedule.
-We make no demands on our students; you simply send your work to us when you wish.
-These are not ‘on-line’ courses. The computer is simply a tool for receiving your lessons.